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Words from the Rising Republics


Date: April 30, 2017, Subject research results and bond locations.

From: Jack Mizell, taxpayer. To: Mr. Young Boozer, Treasurer and Mr. Jim Zeigler, Auditor


It has been a couple of years since I visited with you in your office.  At that time, I was midway in my discovery of the mortgage industry non-disclosure fraud.

Since my discovery is far enough along, perhaps a report is in order.  However, you may already know much of the non-disclosed information.

1.       A system was set up so that the taxpayer would co-sign with otherwise unqualified borrowers. Tax Payer “bailout”. Legal jeopardy was avoided by a criminal declaration that the promissory note was never filed into public record despite the law requiring the mortgage and note to remain one unit.

2.       Banks appeared to be the lender, but was only a servicer.  The notes were separated from the security making both legally null and void.

3.       The holder-in-due-course, who alone could foreclose, was never identified.

4.       Banks found it more profitable to foreclose being paid handsomely to do so. Refinance was continually rejected because there was no evidence of debt to be surrendered stamped paid-in-full. Cover up of the fraud was foremost.

5.       All foreclosures were wrongful.  Kansas State Supreme Court estimated 62 million unenforceable mortgages were of record in 2009.  Now it is grown by ten million.

6.       Quite Title actions have exposed who the title holder really is.

7.      “Robo-signing” was considered a crime, but offenders could pay fines then labeled as members of corporations “too big to fail.” Now the attorneys are exempt from any sanctions and their unsworn and unverified statements are considered competent evidence for transforming an immoral lie into a legal truth.

8.       Notes stamped paid-in-full by proceeds from the auction of property are not surrendered, but instead placed on the investment banker side as non-performing assets.  The FBI calls such theft “accounting control fraud”.

9.       When a certified forensic loan audit is presented for a loan by a certified expert, the bank does not prevail in rebutting the audit by an institutional banker.  The punitive damages are $5 million after treble damages are imposed and all payment funds returned.

10.   Fortunately, there is no statute of limitation on a quiet title action and on fraud.

11.   The past decade of chicanery is expected to require more than a century to unravel. 

12.   In my case three items of fraud were involved.

a. No holder-in-due course that could be identified creating a “cloud” over the title that prevented clear title conveyance.

b.  Law enforcement present at the auction eliminated the possibility of a non-judicial auction.

c. Prepayment was refused even when funds were already on deposit in a WF main bank.

d. Petition for injunctive relief was denied by un-bonded judges, who was none-the-less charmed by barred attorney statements even when the attorney was not the authorized corporate representative.

e. The judgment made after a forty-five-minute hearing was affirmed by higher courts. The newly appointed circuit court female judge hoped to avoid the embarrassment that comes from the forfeiture of judicial immunity by acting outside the written law. The female judge’s appointment succeeded because of the threat condition of Governor Bentley’s chief adviser, Rebekah Mason.

13.   WF’s secret manual was published only for attorneys and was the attorney’s guide to be used to deceive the courts into accepting the “color of law” the attorney presented.

14.   CEOs absorbed the fruit while blaming subordinates and congress for the non-disclosure.

Suffice it to says that the swamp is populated by a multitude of alligators and the swamp dimension covers the entire US. Donald Trump boiled the blood of those, now angry, who had been deceived.

Just check with the Secretary of State to determine how few legally hold office.  Where is your bond?


Separate note: Office holders without required performance bonds, which benefit the taxpayer and are not filed, include the Governor, Secretary of State and the Attorney General. All their actions without bonds are declared null and void by an OPERATION OF LAW. Pray for Doug Jones.

Words from the Rising Republics



Project Purchase real estate using future income.

Objective: creation of wealth.

Scope of work: Cost of wealth creation using recognized “legal tender” as index.

Translation of imagined into real.

Equipment needed for translation. Human labor


Agreement for digits to be used to initiate scope of work. (Signature authenticated by notary for use in creating negotiable instrument with specific value on promise to pay instrument and secured by the real estate equal in value to the created negotiable instrument).


Both instruments, promise to pay and mortgage must be maintained as one unit that cannot be separated.

Mortgage instrument must be recorded in public record at Probate Office in county where the real estate is located. Promissory Note remains unfiled and stored in a locked, fire-proof container until full payment is made and then surrendered stamped paid-in-full to the signor.

The agreement remains private. A public state action is required for enforcement compliance by both parties. If the “borrower” defaults, the real-estate may be sold to satisfy the demands of the promissory note. If the “lender” defaults and conducts a wrongful foreclosure, treble damages are to be assessed and awarded to the “borrower.”

The standard for law enforcement of contract compliance is due process. A foreclosure of mortgaged property auction cannot be conducted in the presence of law enforcement except when ordered by a Judge whose judgment replaces the promissory note after the note has been filed un-returnable into the case record with the local circuit clerk allowing the note to be authenticated.

Failure to record the mortgage into public record or failure to file the note into the circuit clerk’s court records, tenders the agreement to be null and void because the “lender” is left without the standing necessary to seek law enforcement absent a valid contract to be enforced.

NOTE: Public officials enlisted for contract compliance enforcement qualify for office by posting both a payment and performance bonds, which are on file with the Secretary of State Office. An official who issues a judgment yet has posted no bond, assumes personal liability for any damages resulting from any actual non-compliance findings.

Summary for non-compliance:

“Borrower” default allows the sale of property to satisfy the promissory note>

“Lender” failure to be holder-in-due-course of the original promissory note therefore no filing into Circuit Clerk’s case record. Refusal to accept full payment is default by the “lender”.

Result: Compliance law enforcement renders the agreement null and void as completed.

The Declaration of Independence canceled any notion that kings ruled by Divine Right. The Prince of this World could only offer bondage. God gave each of his creation the opportunity to be free simply by accepting His plea, a free gift or remedy provided the remedy was accepted, from the heart, within a specified length of time. After death, one who refused the free remedy has an eternal hell to pay.

The Constitution granted freedom governed through “public Law”. Since 1933, all Americans are today governed by “public policy”. Rid yourself of “default thinking” and embrace “future based thinking” where freedom alone prevails.